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Business Focused Structure – B2B Structure

The Supreme Council of European Business is an organization of the “Strategic Coalition of European Business Association” that is involved in the economic and educational development of European citizens. The Supreme Council of European Business (SCEB) acts through National Councils in various European countries, made of business people, scientists, artists, athletes, diplomats, politicians, and other professionals in numerous activity fields. SCEB aims to develop the business environment and quality of life of European citizens, by creating a platform where professional individuals gather to build a bridge between the people and governments for multilateral development in Europe. By organizing monthly Business Community Meetings with the presence of our members and distinguished guests from important companies, SCEB facilitates connections between companies and their leaders to create a safe business environment to collaborate and to make business together. In these Business Meetings, every month having another hot topic, helps our members to keep in touch with the newest information about different interest areas. By the signed protocols with multiple chambers of commerce, business people associations from various countries, diplomatic and economic missions of embassies, and other such organizations, SCEB offers a wide range of opportunities for its members, keeping members up to date with the latest information about all kind of businesses in Europe. SCEB is present now in Romania and Bulgaria. In the nearest future will open new offices in Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Russia, Azerbaijan, Canada, the USA, the UK, Hungary, and others in Europe between 2022 – 2024. We are growing together with our esteemed members from all over Europe.

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